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Hi there everyone!

My name is Emma and welcome to the tiny brown house community.

First I’d like to point out the reason for my blog title, tiny brown house, and the reason for it is because me and my new husband live in, you guessed it, a tiny brown house. We live on a 35 acre horse farm in Kentucky and my blog is all about navigating life as a new wife, and adjusting to life on a farm. My posts will be angled more towards moms and women of all sorts to help them with anything from recipes your family will love, to “how to” decorate your house to get that warm rustic feel on a budget. But this site can be useful to anybody and everybody!

I will also be sharing farm life stories starring our sweet pups and horses, and tips for farm living. I am open to post suggestions, if there is something you all would like to read about, send me an email and I will do my best to give you advice on the given topic. Let this be a place for people to come and discover fun projects, farm foods, or even silly stories. And I encourage interaction in this blog so feel free to comment! Lets build a community!

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